Wolves Unleashed

Along with the internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary film upon which this book is based, Wolves Unleashed takes the reader on an amazing journey that looks closely at Andrew Simpson’s relationship with one of nature’s most elusive, mythical and misunderstood animals.

As a professional animal trainer for the film industry, and having worked for almost every major Hollywood studio on over 100 productions, Andrew deals with numerous species on a regular basis. Thanks to his unique, personal affection for wolves and his worldwide reputation, he was asked to travel to Siberia to make one of the biggest wolf films ever produced, Loup (2009). Travelling from western Canada, Andrew, along with his team of handlers and the wolves he had raised since birth, stayed in a remote camp deep in the Siberian mountains of Russia, enduring harsh conditions in one of the coldest places on earth. Each day brought a new set of challenges, and Simpson was forced to reflect upon the impact that such a production would have on his relationship with his canid family.

At its core, Wolves Unleashed is about Simpson’s deep connection with the wolves he loves. The story reveals his emotional struggles as he wrestles with the decision to use his unique relationship against the animals and jeopardize the years spent building trust. As the pack overcomes their wild instincts in order to perform, it becomes clear that the bond between wolf and man is a testament to their mutual dedication and love.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Wolves Unleashed 1
Contents 4
Introduction 7
Acknowledgements 11
The Incredible Journey 14
Keep Me Warm 31
Reindeer and All Things Furry 38
Camp Life 51
The Ice Hole 62
Dragged Behind the Sled 75
Road Warriors 84
Running Free 91
Eat the Legs, Not the Actor! 102
Follow the Sled 113
Cameras, Cranes and Booms 125
Surprise Meal 132
Breathtaking Beauty 141
Show Me Your Teeth 148
Tiny Paws and Parenthood 157
The Wolf Den 166
The Team 183
Friendship and Forgiveness 200