Crossing Over

Technologies of the life sciences offer tremendous possibilities but also numerous challenges. Crossing Over : Genomics in the Public Arena looks at the social and ethical issues around the new biology, particularly genomics and biotechnology. It examines the world of biotechnology from different perspectives, including economics, law, communications, the sciences, and bioethics. The contributors to this volume respond to questions such as: How will we ensure technologies adopted in genomics research are not just economically beneficial but also socially and environmentally sustainable? What is the impact of the media on the development of these technologies? What are the ethical implications? What governance arrangements are appropriate? How are citizens and consumers expected to participate? Crossing Over's interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of biotechnology in society will ultimately contribute to our overall understanding of this hot-button issue and will help us make better-informed choices for the future.

With Contributions By:
Wiktor Adamowicz
Gardar Arnason
Tania M. Bubela
Michael M. Burgess
Timothy Caulfield
Celeste M. Condit
Robin Downey
Edna Einsiedel
Usher Fleising
Rose Geransar
Beatrice Godard
Linda Goldenberg
Wuyang Hu
Anne Hunnemeyer
Lyne Letourneau
Charles Mather
Michael D. Mehta
Peter W.B. Phillips
Helge Torgersen
Jon Turney
Michelle Veeman